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Jam Leuy Ruk

Jam Leuy Ruk (2008) - 3 DVD


    Title: Jam Leuy Ruk (จำเลยรัก, Jam Loey Rak, Jam Luy Rak, Jum Lei Ruk, Jum Lerei Ruk, Chamloey Rak)
    Also known as: Defendant of Love, Prisoner of Love, Khmer titles: Nek Toas Sneayha, Chleuy Sneayha
    Duration: Episodes 1 to 14
    Genre: Revenge/Romance/Drama
    Popularity: Top Rated
    Air time: 20:30 HR Thailand Time (8:30PM) - Monday & Tuesday
    Broadcast network: Channel 3
    Broadcast period: January 1, 2008 - February 18, 2008
    Theme song: "Jam Leuy Ruk" (Defendant of Love) Worakarn Rojjanawat (Punch)
    Ending song: "Rak Khun Kao Eek Laew" (Love You Again) Pod Moderndog


    Aum Atichart Chumnanon as Harit Rangsimunt
    Taksaorn Paksukcharoen (Aff) as Soraya Napapong (So)
    Joy Rinlanee Sripen as Sansanee Supaaat (San)
    Chai Chatayodom Hiranyatithi as Tawatchai (Wat)
    Kongkrapan Saengsuriya (Noom) as Bai
    Sukontawa Kerdnimit (Mai) as Boontai
    Rungruang Anantaya (Hack) as Harin Rangsimunt
    Ryan Jett as Nukul
    Supranee Jayrinpon
    Dada Suchada Chekley
    Kriengkrai Oonhanun
    X Jatrong


Harit Rangsiman, a pearl farm owner in the south of Thailand is very angry and vengeful after Harin, his only younger brother, commits suicide because of a woman name Sansanee (she was his girlfriend in college) breaks up with him.

Harit wants to take vengeance on the girl who caused his brother's death. He kidnaps her to torture her, but he doesn't know that the girl that he kidnaps is Soraya, Sansanee's cousin, who lives in the same house with Sansanee and her parents. Harit believes that Soraya is Sansanee no matter how many times Soraya tries to tell him. Soraya's end up accepting all the punishment doled out by Harit due to her wanting to repay her debt of gratitude to Sansanee because Sansanee once save her life from drowning when they were young.

However, Harit and Soraya irresistibly fall in love with each other, at last the truth is revealed.

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