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Likit Gammatep

Likit Gammatep - 5 DVD


    Title: Likit Gammatep (ลิขิตกามเทพ)
    Also known as: Likit Kamtep Snaeh(khmer), The Fate Cupid( Eng Sub)
    Duration: 18 Episodes
    Genre: Drama/Comedy
    Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
    Air time: Wednesday 10:00pm  ???
    Broadcast network: Channel 3
    Broadcast period: 2007 (example - 2006 Jan 18 - Mar 15)
    Theme song: "Ruk Mai Dai Klied Mai Long" by Ae Sasikarn Aphichartworasilp
    End/Sub song: "Korn Hin Klin Dok Mai" by James Ruangsak Loychusak


    Anne Thongprasom as Ganplu
    Smart Krissada Pornweroj as Pinitnai
    M Apinun Prasertwattanakul as Pada
    Aom Sakaojai Poolsawad as Peree
    Andrew Cronin as Pibool
    Am Suthee Siangwaan as Pusit
    Chotiros Kaewpinit (Sobee) as Passorn
    Tatsanawalai Ongajitthichai as Phantipa
    Montri Janeaksorn (Pu) as Pinitnai's Father
    Pattra Apirathkul as Character Name
    Duangta Toongkamanee as Ganplu's Aunt
    Karnjana Jindawat as jinda
    Hana Tudsanawalai as
    Top Daraneenuch Pohpiti as
    Orasa Prompatan as
    Suchao Pongwilai as


The nang'ek name is KarnPloo, she just got her heart broken from her boyfriend, so her friends is worried about her decided to take her out partying at night so she can forget. Karnploo got drunk and met the pra'ek, PinitNai, who thought that she was one of those women who likes to drink and party. Since KarnPloo was very drunk PinitNai had to take her to his room with him, but nothing happen between them because KarnPloo was very drunk and threw up all over him first.

The next morning when KarnPloo woke up she thought that something had happen between her and PinitNai.

KarnPloo's aunt, who had raised her, wanted her to marry a rich old man who like young ladies, but that old man turns out to be PinitNai's father.

When PinitNai found out who was going to be his stepmom, he was shock and thought that KarnPloo wants his father's money.

KarnPloo doesn't want anything to happen between her and PinitNai's father, so after they got marry, when PinitNai's father touched or come near her, she would act all crazy and weird (thai word : kluung) Now PinitNai's father is afraid to do anything to her.

Only the maid of the house knows that KlarnPloo is married to PinitNai's father.

During this time, PinitNai would always try to cause problems with KlarnPloo, and later PinitNai will take advantage of KlarnPloo ()

PinitNai's father have a lot of other women/wife in the house and in the end he died while sleeping with this other woman, but everyone thought that he had a heart attack and died while sleeping with KlarnPloo.

After PinitNai's father died, KlarnPloo starts to realized that she's pregnant and the father of the baby is PinitNai, but PinitNai doesn't know that. So PinitNai would always find things to blame KlarnPloo and find problems for her, even though he really loves her, but he's afraid to show it because other people will think that he fell in love with his father's wife.

KlarnPloo doesn't want PinitNai to know that he's the father, so she doesn't tell in the end..will PinitNai wins KlarnPloo's heart?

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