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Mongkut Saeng Jun

Mongkut Saeng Jun - 5 DVD


    Title: Mongkut Saeng Jun
    Also known as: มงกุฏแสงจันทร์, The Moonlight Crown, Khmer Title: Mokhot Snaeh
    Duration: 14 Episodes
    Genre: Romance/Drama/Action/Period
    Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
    Air time: Friday-Sunday
    Broadcast network: Channel 3
    Broadcast period: Nov. 14, 2009-
    Theme song: "Mongkut Saeng Jan (The Moonlight Crown)" Surachai Janthimathorn


    Andrew Gregson (Andy) as Teetayu
    Rita Sririta Jensen as Princess Sisira
    Not Vorarit Fuangarome as Manasing
    Joy Rinlanee Sripen as Kanyapak
    Nirut Sirijanya (Ning) as Konjanat
    Big Sarut Vijittranon as Maiyadin
    Pimpan Chalayanaku as Jataree
    Sawitree Samipak as Queen ?
    Fresh Arisara Wongchalee as
    Tai Phenpak Sirikul as
    Eed Ron Banjongsang as
    Santi Santiwechakul as
    Karos Uttamarit as
    Somphob Benjatikul as


When King of Sippapak passed away in sudden and his queen was grieved and died after him, Janthrapa Dynasty had only pretty Princess Sisira and Prince Tharathep, a young crown prince left. So, it caused Konjanat, the bureaucrat, seized their throne and succeed himself as the ruler. He forced Princess Sisira to marry Theetayu, his own nephew, so that his Yaowarajee clan could be the ruler.

Princess Sisira had to unwillingly marry Theetayu for her brother's safety, but she had a wish to seize the throne back and chased Yaowarajee clan out of the land in the future.

Theetayu was Konjanat's nephew. His appearance was like a playboy and stayed in the brothel all day. Everyone thought that since he was raised up under the care of that cunning bureaucrat, he might have the same attitude as his uncle.

~ Credit to Wishbonkii ~

I'll give more detail synopsis on this one:

Princess Sisira (Sririta Jensen) met Theetayu (Andrew Gregson (Andy))one night while she was walking around by herself around town, she captivated by him at that time and decided to make friends with him. Theetayu whose father was killed by the king's soldiers before his eyes hate the king and didn't want to get involve with princess Sisira but he felt rather attracted to her kindness and beauty. When the king died on the hand of Konjanat's man the queen saved the throne by making her son the prince became a king however Konjanat killed the queen, hiding it from the young king and acted as his regent, forced Theetayu to save the princess and brought her faraway from her kingdom. Their romance began bloomed, came Theetayu evil cousin Kanyapak (Joy Rinlanee Sripen)who loved Theetayu a lot and will do anything to make him mine but at the same time hate her father whom never satisfied of her being a daughter not a son and treated her badly.

When princess Sisira caught on her runaway Konjanat asked her to marry his nephew which later she knew that he was Theetayu. All this time Theetayu made the princess to fall in love with him ordered by his uncle. Sisira felt hurt and fought a lot with Theetayu even thought she loved him, Theetayu was being cruel to Sisira and forced her to marry him in order to protect her and the young king. If Sisira not marry Theetayu Konjanat will kill the young king and the princess, Theetayu pretended to obey his uncle in fact he did that to bring back the throne to its rightful owner and bring his uncle to jail because he loved the princess dearly. There was also a hot-headed soldier Manasing (Not Vorarit) who loved Princess Sisira who always fought with Theetayu and used forced to solve problems. Eventually Theetayu managed to get his uncle on jail but his marriage with Sisira got a problem Kanyapak who was nice in front Theetayu but mean to Sisira behind his back, what hurt Sisira the most was Theetayu trusted his cousin more than her. However, he made it clear to Kanyapak that he loved her as a sister and Sisira was his true love even though she became his 2nd wive and the princess let her stayed in the palace. Konjanat found a way to free from jail scared the Princess and tried another way to usurp the throne.

It's a happy ending lakorn, a must watch lakorn because of the great acting from Andrew and Sririta.

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