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Klin Kaew Klang Jai

Klin Kaew Klang Jai - 6 DVD


    Title: Klin Kaew Klang Jai
    Also known as: Orange jasmine scent / Ntry Title: Klunn Kaew Neah Bong
    Duration: 37 episodes
    Genre: Drama
    Popularity: top rated/low rated/failure
    Air time: Monday - Friday 7pm
    Broadcast network: Channel 3
    Broadcast period: Jun 19, 2007 -
    Theme song: "Nan tao rai" Sathida Prompiriya | "Puea tur" Toh Saksit


    Rita Sririta Jensen as Prapai
    Rome Patchata Nampan as Asanee
    Sinjai Plengpanich as Jitta
    Isariya Saisanan (Ae) as Apo
    Nithichai YotAmornSunthorn (Yuan) as Johnny
    Deaw Suriyon Aroonwattanakul as Character Name
    Panadda Wongphudee as Character Name
    Bee Theerapong Liaorakwong as Orachon
    Jee Utsharapun Paiboonsuwan as Character Name
    Dilok Thong wattana as Character Name
    Duke Panudeth Wattanasuchart as Character Name


Mesa gets married with Orachun and just realized that he is in love with M.R.W.Jitta. Orachun and M.R.W.Jitta have an affair and she gives birth a daughter. Mesa is vengeful and jealous of them, so she exchanges Jitta's baby with a prostitute's baby.

Many year later, Apo, a prostitute's baby, grows up in the noble and rish family while Prapai, Jitta's real baby, grows up in the orphanage.With hatred, Mesa gradually poisoned Orachun and he dies. When Jitta knows, she sends someone to exchanged his ash bottle and brings his ash to put under the Orange Jasmine tree in Klin Kaew House on the island, that Orachun builds for their love.

Mesa adopts Prapai and treats her as a servant. No matter how many time Mesa are mean and cruel to Prapai, she still love Mesa as her mother because at least Mesa support her to study and to graduate from Nurse school.

Later, Mesa plans to befriend with Jitta and sends Prapai to be Apo's servant because she wants to see Jitta's real daughter to be treated as a servant in her real mother's house.

Jitta's family and Akkee's family are bound with business, so they want Apo, Jitta's daughter and Asanee, Akkee's son to get married. Apo tries to opposes it because she has a boyfriend named Johnny. Same as Asanee, he refuses this marriage and is very angry at his father. They quarrel until Asanee drives a car and has an accident. Akkee dies and Asanee becomes blind.

Panu, Asanee's uncle, wants to possess their property and business, so he plans to make Asanee sign the document to assign authority to him. Panu also forces Asanee to sign the marriage registration with Apo and sends him to Klin Kaew House on the island. Apo resists to go to take care of a blind man like Asanee, so she conspires with Mesa to send Prapai to go there and pretend to be his wife instead, and Apo sneaks away to be with Johnny, her boyfriend.

At Klin Kaew House, Prapai unwillingly pretend to be Apo. Asanee think she is Apo, so he hates her because he blames her that she causes his father's death. Asanee tries to tease her all the time. However, although she wants to run away from him, Prapai patiently tries to take care and help him to do everything by himself as a blind man can do. Finally, they fall in love with each other. Asanee is encouraged by Prapai and he wants to go back to Bangkok to have the cornea surgery.

Mesa conspires with Johnny to make Apo addicted to drugs and fleece her. When Jitta knows that Apo goes with Johnny, so she brings Apo back home.

After Asanee's surgery is sucessful and he gets well from blindness, he thinks that Apo is a girl who takes care of him at Klin Kaew House. Mesa pretend to help Apo from drug-addict and persuades her to be good to Asanee. Prapai can't say anything but just secretly look at Asanee from distant and secretly take care of him with her broken-heart.

Later, Asanee can feel that Apo is different from a girl who take care of him on the island, so he tries to prove it and seek for the truth.

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